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How to Bring Dedication in your Work to achieve your Life Goal

BE BRAVE - Fear of Failure is a very bad thing and the most big hurdle in your path to success. Be brave to stand out this storm and think yourself as a mountain which can not be moved by these strong winds of fears. If necessary take some motivational classes or read motivational books.

Avoid Distractions - Try to avoid distractions. It may be anything from your favorite tv show to the graphic contents which tempts you to leave everything. Remember every new habit takes 30 days of practice.

Take it till the End - Many people give up before reaching, without knowing how close they were to their goal. Remember you will fail many times but you will have to pick yourself again and again and continue the journey.

Set up small Goals - Divide your work in several small portions. For instance you want to wake up early and go for jogging. Your first aim should be to wake up early, practise it for few days then switch over to the next aim of going for jogging.


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